Are the biggest lies, the ones you tell yourself?

Maddie Bale is almost happy. After all, she has a nice family, a nice job and a nice dog.  There's just one tiny thing that needs fixing - her.

What she really wants is to flick a switch to transform her from doormat to diva, but as her husband, Victor points out she'd need a crash diet and personality transplant for that. 

Or would she?

When a glamorous military family moves into the village, Maddie finds her rampant fantasy world turning into reality as the sexyGeneral in the Royal Marines seduces her.

As she lurches from one crisis to another in the increasingly manic quest for her elusive happy-ever-after, the only friend she can tell her secrets to is her dog. Victor would kill her if he knew. 

But in the end, it's her who ends up doing the killing. 

The question is: could murder be the making of her? 

A darkly comic tale of  and obsession

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